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Businesses and workgroups rely on Sharp MFPs to generate reports, publish booklets, and create presentations that are high in quality and express professionalism. The MFP is the natural link between information and the way people use it, which is why Sharp offers a comprehensive security suite designed to provide our clients with a scalable approach to securing confidential information. Sensitive to the requirements set forth by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts, the Sharp two-step process combines an initial encryption with multiple overwrites of data, providing a higher level of security than many processes currently used by other manufacturers.

Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems offer companies a complete digital solution for collaborative meetings, presentations, video conferencing, live data and interactive digital signage. With this solution, your office can communicate, collaborate and disseminate information in real-time, globally.

Sharp Puts Ability in Sustainability at the YANMAR EVO//CENTER

When eco-friendly digital signage technology was needed to finish construction of the YANMAR EVO//CENTER, Sharp Pro AV equipment was brought in to help communicate its messages to the public while saving energy.

IT Reference Guide

As an Information Technology professional, you are no doubt faced with a unique set of challenges that pull you in many different and often conflicting directions. For example, you are forced to do more with less—supporting disparate assets throughout the sprawling enterprise with maximum interoperability and minimal resources. Internal policies and government regulations impose strict requirements on protecting the confidentiality of your information. You also aspire to reduce the impact of your operations on the environment through reduced energy consumption and recycling.

The New Game-Changing Interactive Digital Displays

Next-generation interactive digital displays are offering new features, much better TCO, and seamless integration into the existing technology platforms in your meeting room or classroom. Here’s how to evaluate the best solution for your organization.

Choosing the Right Smart Signage Solutions for Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions are now easier and more affordable to design, deploy and maintain in the field. This white paper will show how the best new smart signage systems have overcome a major TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) hurdle by eliminating the need for separate media players.