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Copy centers, departments and libraries all require document management and controls. By placing a monetary value on printing and switching output away from desktop printers to more efficient multifunctional devices, schools can reduce print output, cut printing costs, and improve sustainability. Sharp MFPs safeguard student records through the utilization of account codes, user/group profiles, passwords, or external user accounts contained in an LDAP or Active Directory server.

Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems are ideal for education environments, and virtually anywhere presentations are a key component of sharing information. Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities can benefit from the advanced technology that the AQUOS BOARD display offers. The interactive and collaborative features of the product provide a true “hands-on” learning experience.

Where to Find Digital Signage in a School District

Digital signage has numerous benefits for a school district. Students from kindergarten through high school seniors, as well as school staff, can receive helpful and important messages, plus share information. Here are some examples.

The New Game-Changing Interactive Digital Displays

Next-generation interactive digital displays are offering new features, much better TCO, and seamless integration into the existing technology platforms in your meeting room or classroom. Here’s how to evaluate the best solution for your organization.

YOUR GUIDE TO SOURCING SUCCESS Sourcewell's Cooperative Purchasing Reference Guide

Sourcewell creates cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies. Cooperative contracts offer both time and money savings for users by consolidating the efforts of numerous individually prepared solicitations into one, cooperatively shared process – taking advantage of the volume pricing generated by 50,000 members across North America.

Sourcewell is a self-funded government organization that partners with education, government and non-profit entities to boost student and community success. See how Sourcewell is able to provide contracts that focus on getting agencies what they want and deserve by providing a network of credible vendors and high quality contract solutions.